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Welcome to the Spirits of the South Paranormal Research site. We are Ian & Erin Powell, both of us having our own experiences growing up that lead us to begin researching the paranormal. Through this site we will share our findings and experiences with you and pass along some history of the paranormal as well as some new ideas and theories.



From an early age I can remember experiencing strange and unusual things: footsteps on the stairs when no one was there; hearing my name called in my empty bedroom; the figure in the doorway and more.

Paranormal subjects weren't unusual at home, at least not between my Mom and I. My Mom had extremely detailed dreams starting when she was very young.  Dreams that were actually visions of things to come which always played out as she described. Mom's what you would call a psychic and I've learned a lot of interesting and helpful things from her.

With all of these experiences I've had throughout my life,
it wasn't until my Dad was killed in 2005 that I seriously
began to investigate and research the paranormal world.


Since I was a small child, I knew there were things going on around me that I couldn't explain. I experienced a shadow man in my bedroom at night, a hunter and his dog when I would play in the woods, someone walking on the roof of our house when I was home alone, having my name called out loud in the house more times than I can recall and answering to it when no one was there, and so on and so on. Throughout my life these events and more have continued.

In early 2005, I met my husband, Ian. We quickly found that we shared a mutual interest in the paranormal because of our life experiences. Later that year, Ian's father was tragically killed and both of us were immersed even further into the paranormal. It seems that we were meant to find each other and walk this road in life. To search and research what we can to figure out the life that is out there after the physical death.

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