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Case Studies


There are great advantages to investigating the same place over & over.  After repeated investigations, you will begin to see a pattern.  Residual sounds, knocks, whistling & even voice personalities that come through on your recorders can be documented.  Such is the case with the Pride House in Jefferson, Texas.  Thanks to the owner, Jenny Lovelace, we've been able to experience & document many interesting things over the years.  This man we call Mr. Turwell, is based on our first recording of him saying "Turwell."  At this point it's impossible to say if it's actually his name, but that's what we've come to call him.
While listening to our recordings, this familiar voice kept showing up, we recognized Turwell's voice & began compiling the different Evp's.
"Turwell", "Betting Fools", "Don't Trust" & "Oh Cool Women" are all from the Pride House.  "Carry on" is from an old 1800's church in Oklahoma, hundreds of miles away from the Pride House.  It seems that Mr. Turwell decided to join us.

  Complete Turwell compilation.

The following are the individual clips:


"Betting fools."

"Don't trust."

"Oh cool, women!"

"Carry on."

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