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When we first began to record EVPs (Electronic Voice Phenomena) we were very surprised by what we heard on our recorders. The voices were human sounding, and while the responses were short, each one completely fascinated us. These voices were so inspiring, we began to pursue and learn all we could about this phenomena. Were these actually the voices of once living human beings, or maybe beings from somewhere else, another planet or dimension. While we can't answer that completely we can say without a doubt that the folks who reside at the Pride House in Jefferson Texas, were once in physical form just like you and I (assuming you are not a spirit reading this). We know this because we would get names on our recorders, we would then give those names to our friend who researched them and found that they did actually match family members who once lived in the house. We had the same findings from a military veterans park in Alabama. We recorded a man's name, Albert, and found through a local historian that Albert was the name of a man who once lived across the street from where the park now stands.

After several years researching and documenting our findings we started to notice different and very unique things were happening when these voices appeared on our recorders. Here are our findings to date:

The first was Imitations:

This is where a "spirit" would leave a message but it would sound like Erin or myself had spoken, when we actually had not.

"You can't call her."

Erin's cell phone receives a text message so you'll hear a bird chirping ringtone. (Coincidentally, you'll hear a man's voice from the TV saying, "Hello!" when this happens.) Next, you hear what seems to be Erin's voice, except she wasn't speaking, saying "You can't call her." After that you'll hear another voice saying, "Never!" (The burp was Ian, sorry!)

"Maybe Me."

This is Ian and another investigator upstairs at the Pride House. After Ian heard something out in the hallway, he received an EVP that sounds like his voice in a loud whisper immediately after he speaks saying, "Maybe me."

Then we noticed words being said Before and/ or After we would say them:

You could easily equate this with what we call psychic ability, where they simply read our minds, but there are other possibilities. One theory is that spirit energy vibrates at a faster rate than ours does. So basically, they exist and move faster than we do, they could be any number of seconds, minutes or maybe hours ahead of us, This would give them the ability to know what we are going to do and say. The mystery is, why are they doing this.

"Be careful."

At the beginning of the clip, you'll hear a spirit woman saying, "Be careful." Then you'll hear Erin say after that, " Oh, yeah, careful."


Erin was with another investigator that was taking pictures when she said, "Flash." At the end of this clip you'll hear a spirit copy the word.

"Strange people come up with more people."

Ian was sitting by himself in the Pride House apologizing to the spirits for all the people coming and going in the house that day. You'll hear a male spirit weaving a sentence in-between Ian's reflecting the same sentiment as Ian's.

The next thing we noticed was what we call Sing Talking:

This is where the voice on the EVP sounds like someone singing. We found that they were actually leaving a message by singing it. It was almost as if they wanted to stand out and be heard over everyone else (living beings) on our recorders.

"I'm fine!"

This is from Reindeer Manor in Red Oak, Tx. We were both walking through the main house when a lady spirit sings, "I'm fine!" before you hear Ian say, "Oh, hey!"

"Just what I thought that I'd see!"

As soon as Ian hit record, this spirit woman started her operatic sentence. We were upstairs at the Pride House.

And last, the most fascinating EVP phenomena we've recorded so far is Voice Manipulation:

Voice Manipulation is where our words and even sentences are essentially hi-jacked by a spirit and reformed into new sentences. The voices are still our own but have been extremely altered.  Sometimes they are successful at manipulating and other times they can't quite pull it off. When they don't succeed our voices end up sounding warped or we sound very drunk. We've recorded many variations of voice manipulation.

Investigator's voice has a 'melting' affect

This one sounds as if someone were grabbing a record and slowing it down and letting it go repeatedly, making the voice of the investigator sound as if it were melting!

"Danke Schon"

Ian is leading an investigation at the Pride House and explaining to a guest that if she feels anything, but after that point his voice is 'hi-jacked' and turned into a German phrase, "Danke Schon", which means thank you very much. We think this may be a spirit thanking Ian for looking out for this woman and using his voice for doing so.


Erin is explaining to the spirits of the Pride House that they can manipulate anything and any devices in our hands so they decided to manipulate the word 'manipulate'!

Erin's friend is manipulated toward the end.

Ian is explaining a Mel Meter (which measures electromagnetic fields and temperature) to our friend and when she says degrees, her voice is manipulated into a very strange voice.

Erin's voice affected.

Erin was explaining that there used to be something, but a spirit took advantage of this and we don't have a clue what they were trying to say. Let us know what you think!

"Can you kiss my sweetheart?"

This was both of us after we had set up our infrared cameras in the Pride House. I ask Ian, "So, we didn't set the 4th camera becuzzzzzzzzzz....." and Ian tells me we're going to be holding the handheld cameras. Then you will hear my voice in a different tone and out of context saying, "Can you kiss my sweetheart?" I was not speaking at this time.

Our research continues.....

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