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Our interest & fascination with EVP's began with the first voice we recorded.  From that moment on we dedicated ourselves to learning as much as we could about this amazing phenomenon.  We are studying these voices for our own personal reasons but also to share our findings with the rest of the world.  We hope these voices will be inspiring to those looking for their own answers to life after death.

We will update these pages as often as possible, so be sure and check back in.

Recorders used to capture these voices: RCA, Olympus, Zoom H2N, RT-EVP, & Tascam.

Ian & I just stepped into an abandoned
100yr old baptist church when we captured
this EVP of a female spirit saying,
"Hey, someone's taking pictures."
- c 1911 baptist church, Johnson County, TX 

 We caught this EVP when investigating a theatre. The spirit voice sounds like an east Indian accent saying, "They study our government." 
- Orange Community Players Theatre, Orange, TX

"What's Tuckette's doing in here?" 
-Private Residence, Houston, TX

Several spirit voices in this one!
"Huh, hey Dingler, help me."
-Private Residence in Johnson County, TX

"Tell her to stay."
Spirit voice before Ian's mom.
-Private Residence, Southern Arkansas

"Miss my truck." Ian had walked outside
into the driveway of the Pride House.
-Pride House, Jefferson, TX

"Where do you want me."

Do we have to go back here.
-Private Residence, Johnson County

Leave it alone.
  "Oh move over baby, you're too fine."
-The Pride House, Jefferson, TX
"I love her."

High melodic voice, "I'm fine."
-Reindeer Manor, Red Oak, Tx
-Private Residence, Houston, TX
  "Rat bastards"
-Private Residence, Houston, TX

"He won't stop it."

"Telling you, Margaret."
-The Pride House, Jefferson, TX
  "In the yard."  Male spirit beside Ian
in Royal George room when he was
by himself changing batteries.
-Pride House, Jefferson, TX
   Spirit voice at end says, "To die" or 
"Good bye" and maybe both at once.
What do you think?
-The Pride House, Jefferson, TX  
  Male spirit says, "Poor man".
-Our home 
   Whistle heard by both of us.
-Segal-Wharton House, Jefferson, TX 

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