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Our interest & fascination with EVP's began with the first voice we recorded.  From that moment on we dedicated ourselves to learning as much as we could about this amazing phenomenon.  We are studying these voices for our own personal reasons but also to share our findings with the rest of the world.  We hope these voices will be inspiring to those looking for their own answers to life after death.

We will update these pages as often as possible, so be sure and check back in.

Recorders used to capture these voices: RCA, Olympus, Zoom H2N, RT-EVP, & Tascam.


"Dinner's ready!"
-The Pride House, Jefferson, TX

"They talk to spirits."
-Public Park, Tarrant County, TX
   "Let's tell Johnny."
  "You're not Dr."
-Private Residence, Houston, TX

"Get away, out of my room."
  Female spirit says "Envy...." after
Ian says he's going to keep his
digital recorder going.
-Public Park, Tarrant County, TX
  "Come in."

Sounds like, "Can help your face."

  Sounds like Ian's Dad, "Hi, son!"
-Erin's childhood home

Extra "Hi!" at end.
  Ian's voice imitated at end.
   Ian's voice is scrambled at the
end when he is saying the date,
-Our home
   Death or deaf.
  "How come it's me, Yes."
  "A lovely game to begin."
-The Pride House, Jefferson, TX
  Sounds like, "We've been bought."
and then something else at end.
   Voice at end, "That too."
  Female spirit says, "Yesss", 
answering Erin's question.
-The Pride House, Jefferson, TX
   We were looking at an old house
with a realtor. While the realtor is saying,
"Cuz you can never completely get into 'em"
you'll hear another voice say, "Can you
hear me?"
-1900s House, Ferris, TX
  During the April '12 tornadoes in the DFW area
Ian was at home and went downstairs to get
the phone. You'll hear the thunder, tornado sirens
and then a female voice laughing. The two beeps
is Ian turning up the volume on the phone
although it wasn't on and he was speaking
to anyone at the time.
-At home, TX

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