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Our interest & fascination with EVP's began with the first voice we recorded.  From that moment on we dedicated ourselves to learning as much as we could about this amazing phenomenon.  We are studying these voices for our own personal reasons but also to share our findings with the rest of the world.  We hope these voices will be inspiring to those looking for their own answers to life after death.

We will update these pages as often as possible, so be sure and check back in.

Recorders used to capture these voices: RCA, Olympus, Zoom H2N, RT-EVP, & Tascam.

Voice manipulation
-Orange Community Players Theatre,
Orange, TX 
Voice sounds backwards  
  "That's my question."
  Ian's voice manipulated towards
end, "Danke Schon".
-The Pride House, Jefferson, TX
  "Get out!" Ian was in the bathroom!
-Orange Community Players Theatre,
Orange, TX
  "Ok" at end.
  Sounds like, "Go get Nancy."
   Sounds like, "Good", at end.
  "Muldoone", maybe.
-Private Residence, Houston, TX
  Breathing voice...
  "What's that noise?"
-The Pride House, Jefferson, TX
  Looking at an old house for sale, Ian called my
name. Shortly after that you'll hear an old
woman say, "Erin".
  Ian's voice was manipulated by a
male spirit, saying, "Maybe me."
- The Pride House, Jefferson, TX
Male spirit voice says, "Clinton."
- Private residence, Madison, AL
  Male spirit w/a Cuban accent says,
"You don't find me."
- The Pride House, Jefferson, TX 
  Erin, D.D. and Mike McCaskill are on the front porch
talking about Ian looking for a cooler when
a spirit voice chimes in saying, "He'll find it!"
- The Pride House, Jefferson, TX
  Ian and Erin talking by ourselves in the
C.E. Satterlee room when a female spirit tries to get our attention by saying, "Hey!" at the end. We just couldn't hear her at the time!
- The Pride House, Jefferson, TX
  Is there any more wine?
-Miss Molly's B&B, Fort Worth, TX

  Female spirit says,"Call Bianca" after Erin and
-Miss Molly's B&B, Fort Worth, TX 
  We hear either, "Not gonna wait for Rosa" or
"Not gonna do it, Rosa".
-Miss Molly's B&B, Fort Worth, Tx

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