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Our interest & fascination with EVP's began with the first voice we recorded.  From that moment on we dedicated ourselves to learning as much as we could about this amazing phenomenon.  We are studying these voices for our own personal reasons but also to share our findings with the rest of the world.  We hope these voices will be inspiring to those looking for their own answers to life after death.

We will update these pages as often as possible, so be sure and check back in.

Recorders used to capture these voices: RCA, Olympus, Zoom H2N, RT-EVP, & Tascam.

 Female spirit voice says, "He cheated me."
- The Pride House, Jefferson, TX

 Male spirit voice answers Ian saying,
"It was just me."
- The Pride House, Jefferson, TX
Male spirit voice says, "Albert!" after Ian
finishes explaining where he is and what happened there.
- Madison, AL

Erin's voice is manipulated at the end saying, "And then they're a comin."
- The Pride House, Jefferson, TX

"Hello", female spirit answers Ian.
- Rural country bridge on outskirts of Jefferson, TX

"Alouette!"  Male spirit voice.
- Our back yard

"Looky there!" Male spirit voice.
- The Pride House, Jefferson, TX

Male spirit voice says, "Strange people come up", right before Ian says the same thing. We come across this kind of phenomena quite a bit!
- The Pride House, Jefferson, TX

Female spirit voice agrees w/ Ian by saying, "I would do it!"
 - Our back yard

Female spirit voice says, "It's me", and then several loud sounds in the one room chapel/ school.
- Carter Ghost Town, TX

This is a really strange one where Erin wasn't speaking at the time but her voice was used to construct this really strange sentence. Any ideas what's being said?
-At home, TX
We were in the kitchen, Ian, Erin and Tamara, a friend of ours. You'll hear upfront, "Martha" and then at the end a high voiced spirit say "s'cuse me, s'cuse me."
-Miss Molly's B&B, Fort Worth, TX
A young female spirit repeats Erin saying,
"A drink".
-Miss Molly's B&B, Fort Worth, TX

Ian is speaking to Janet Ward and after she speaks, you'll hear a male spirit whisper, "hellooooo".
-The Rock House, Gatesville, TX

"That's the devil." and "That looks nice."

Still trying to figure out exactly what's  being said here!

At the end you hear a male spirit say, "Have some wood", probably responding to our conversation about the temperature inside the old house we were looking at to buy.
-1900 House, Ferris, TX

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