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Our interest & fascination with EVP's began with the first voice we recorded.  From that moment on we dedicated ourselves to learning as much as we could about this amazing phenomenon.  We are studying these voices for our own personal reasons but also to share our findings with the rest of the world.  We hope these voices will be inspiring to those looking for their own answers to life after death.

We will update these pages as often as possible, so be sure and check back in.

Recorders used to capture these voices: RCA, Olympus, Zoom H2N, RT-EVP, & Tascam.

Seconds before this EVP was recorded, Ian heard
a woman humming. After listening, I noticed a
french phrase, 'mon petit', then I grabbed the 
headphones and found that she was saying,
"La te une mu mon petit." Which is french for
'There now, you see my little child!' Figuring out
this one was extremely exciting!!
-The Pride House, Jefferson, Tx

This is a cropped version of the old woman speaking in french, 'La te une mu mon petit.'
-The Pride House, Jefferson, Tx
  Up front, you will hear a female voice saying, 'Hey...' This was recorded at a private residence during an investigation.
-Royse City, Tx 

 "You made me whole, you really made me"
-Private Residence, Alabama
  In this EVP, a young boy says, "boys". At the time, there were two boys playing out in the hallway. Our wedding weekend!
-The Pride House, Jefferson, Tx 
  Ian was in the Pride House (the main house) and I was in the carriage house when I was recording and taking pictures. This female spirit said Ian's name before I said flash the second time.
-The Pride House, first visit, Jefferson, Tx
  Ian was touched in three different places all at once when this EVP was caught. It's a woman saying, "I don't mean no shock." It seems as though she was trying to let him understand it was a friendly gesture.
-John Bender, The Pride House, Jefferson, Tx
  This EVP is from a private residence built in 1874. What you'll hear sounds like music from an old Victrola.
-Gatesville, Tx 
  Male spirit says, "Coffee" (he sounds like
Peter Griffin, from The Family Guy!).
-Old Military Base 
Female spirit says "Outta the room."
-The Pride House, Jefferson, TX

Spirit woman sings, "Go!" before Ian says, "There ya go."
-The Pride House, Jefferson, TX
"I am, I am, I am!" 
Little girl spirit answers Ian's mother when she asks if she's the little girl that I saw on our wedding day in the Ashland Room!
-Our wedding day, The Pride House, Jefferson, TX
  Male spirit voice with an accent says what
sounds like, "Big ole huge cellars, aren't they."
-Old Military Base
  Cropped version of EVP above,
"They're big ole huge cellars, aren't they."
-Old Military Base
  Male spirit voice says, "Sinner", right
on the microphone.
-Segal-Wharton House, Jefferson, TX
  Female spirit says, "Mother".
-The Pride House, Jefferson, TX
  Spirit whistles after being asked to.
-Segal-Wharton House, Jefferson, TX
  Spirit voice at end.
-The Pride House, Jefferson, TX
  Spirit voice at end, cropped.
-The Pride House, Jefferson, TX

Little girl spirit known as Sarah says
"Hi!" when asked if she is here.
- The Pride House, Jefferson, TX

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