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I still remember that day. The day when everything changed for me. Erin & I had been to the Pride House in Jefferson Texas the previous weekend, it was the first time we had been there & I was checking out my audio. As I listened I heard these extra voices, not whispers but human voices as loud as ours coming through my headphones. I replayed them over & over letting my mind attempt to accept what my ears were hearing. I spent that week in a daze listening & picking my jaw up from the floor - repeatedly. It's not that I didn't believe in the spirit world, I've had quite a few interesting spirit encounters throughout my life - we both have, but this was different, this went beyond believing, now it was definite...absolute.

As we continued to investigate various places I took note of the different things that were beginning to show up in our audio.

The first thing I noticed was hearing spirit voices speaking along with us, saying the same thing, they were mimicking us, pretty cool. Next came the voices that were saying what we were about to say, something you would associate with psychic abilities, hmmm so they already new what I was thinking, did that mean they knew EVERYTHING I was thinking? And then came a new surprise. I started hearing our voices being manipulated into saying other words, words we didn't say. Sometimes they succeeded & other times our voices were reduced to a meltdown sort of effect, it sounded as if we had been injected with Novocaine & our mouths refused to work correctly, truly fascinating I tell ya.

We'll be posting more in-depth information about these audio phenomena mentioned above, so stay tuned!

"I am trying amid unspeakable difficulties. It is impossible for me to know how much of what I send reaches you. I feel as if I had presented my credentials reiterated the proofs of my identity in a wearisomely repetitive manner. The nearest simile I can find to express the difficulty of sending a message is that I appear to be standing behind a sheet of frosted glass, which blurs sight and deadens sound, dictating feebly to a reluctant and somewhat obtuse secretary. A feeling of terrible impotence burdens me."                
                                -F.W.H Myers - Speaking through a medium after his death


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