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Digital Diary

Diary Entry #1   -  Spirit Activity - New Possibilities

On January 24th 2013 I flew out to help my Mom pack up the rest of her things & prepare to make the 13 hour drive to Texas. My Mom picked me up from the airport & we went to her house. Not long after being there I kept thinking I was hearing voices, which didn't make sense to me because I'd never heard voices in Mom & Dad's house before. Erin & I had recorded some voices there in the past but didn't hear anything at the time of the recordings. Before I continue I wanted to say that the events that happened over the next three days really challenged some ideas people have about spirits, hauntings & residual energy which is why I really wanted to share this with everyone, so we could add to the list of strange things to ponder. So back to the house. My parents bought the house new fourteen years ago so they were the only owners. There were some family antiques in a few rooms, I bring this up for the sake of saying that sometimes peoples energy or spirits can be attached to objects they used to own, usually something they liked. There were a few times when I was staying there that It felt like someone else was present in the upstairs area. Erin & I have been investigating/researching for quite awhile now & have learned to pay attention to our senses, the best paranormal gadget ever made is your own body – listen to it – feel it. Anyway, so I had felt “not alone” several times but still never heard audible voices , in that house.

Over those three days conversations would just start up out of nowhere, they were faint & you couldn't make out what was being said but you could tell they were voices. The second day I told my Mom what I was hearing & she admitted she was hearing it too but thought maybe she was just tired. Now I'm used to hearing voices like this, Erin & I have heard things like this many times before but the houses were all ninety, to a hundred plus years old. Old houses have history & secrets, often it's the secrets that create what we call a “Haunting”. We know from our research that you can Record voices anywhere, it doesn't have to be an old house or old anything, spirits exist everywhere we do, but hearing voices out loud is usually associated with the old places with lots of history & Uncle Joe who didn't want to leave his home or maybe doesn't know he's no longer a physical being. Another thing that happens in old houses is when someone begins to remodel the home or even move furniture around spirit activity often picks up to a much higher level, it seems the invisible folks don't like you changing things, they like things to be the way they remember it. So back to my parents house, which is only fourteen years old & no previous history....unless it has something to to with the land that the house sits on, but if that were the case then the activity should have been obvious from early on. Eight years ago my Dad was killed in an airplane crash, a few weeks after there were some out of the ordinary things that happened, all small things but they seemed like signs or maybe symbols that we could attach to my Dad. For the past eight years my Mom would ask my Dad for help when she couldn't find something & most times it would show up where before there was nothing. There were a few more big things that happened early on but everything seemed to taper off to just items showing up when Mom needed them. Never during the last eight years have my Mom or I heard voices in the house. On the nights of January 24th & 25th 2013, I heard quite a bit of walking sounds, talking & the general feeling of being surrounded by people I couldn't see. So now I'll fill in the last bit of info to try & piece all of this together. For two days before I arrived there was a moving company there packing up all of Moms stuff. When I got there, there was basically nothing left, & importantly no tv's, radios, refrigerators etc. to make any extra noise, it was strangely quiet. We could hear the floor shifting from time to time, normal house creaks, stuff like that which I paid close attention to since I was hearing the footsteps, I made sure to notice the difference in house sounds & other sounds. There were a few times I had to get up & go see what I had just heard, it truly sounded like people were in the house. So the thing that got my brain churning about all of this was here you have my parents house, no previous owners, none of the voices or walking & banging noises ever noticed, the contents of the house was removed & maybe this caused the activity as if it were an old house, except it isn't. Were these dormant spirits attached to the land & all of the moving commotion set them off? Could it somehow be associated with my Dad, or relatives coming to see us off? Another very intriguing possibility is, the emotions that came off of my Mom like grief, depression, & anger over my Dad's death, were released into the house & created an energy similar to that found in the old houses. Perhaps it doesn't take decades of life in one location to create a kind of spirit energy, maybe just one event with strong enough emotions will do. Erin & I believe that our emotions are like a snakes skin. Snakes shed their skin fairly often, leaving behind a piece of themselves, we think our emotions are left behind in the same way. Could these emotions being a part of us have a conscience, or maybe they are what is called residual energy, stuck in a loop replaying the events that created them. Maybe I'll find some answers from my recordings I made while I was there. We are just trying to find a common thread between our physical reality & what we call the spirit world, not sure if we will but it's all part of our journey into the unknown. - Ian

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